• MAC Ultra-Smooth Pipe Handle Needle
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P3405NT(No tube)-0.22*15mm
  The Mac Pipe is another style in the series of Mac Ultra-Smooth needles. It features a smooth "pipe" handle
  which is also commonly know as a "Japanese" style handle. The easiest way to describe the handle is that  
  it looks like a piece of smooth tubing. Like all Mac needles the Mac Pipe features pain free insertion. The  
  Mac Pipe handle needle is also very lightweight because Mac starts with lightweight aluminim and carefully  
  plates each needle to provide the practitioner with a very smooth handle which provides very precise control.
  This very lightweight handle prevents the needle from leaning over after insertion, which is very desirable when
  using short needles. Like all Mac needles...  Each needle is carefully manufactured to exacting tolerances!   
  NO PAIN... JUST LOTS OF CHI!            
   ㆍBox of 100                
   ㆍPipe style Japanese handle              
   ㆍMetal handle (silver color)              
   ㆍIndividual guide tubes              
   ㆍSurgical stainless steel              
   ㆍColor coded for easy identification            
   ㆍSterile, disposable single use only            
   ㆍEasy peel open blister              
   ㆍAvailable with or without guide tubes            
   ㆍFDA 510k listed                
   ㆍCE marked                
   ㆍISO qualified                
   P 4005NT, P3805NT, P 3605NT, P 3405NT mean no guide tube in blister pack.    
Caution: Federal Law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of qualified practitioners of
              acupuncture as determined by the States.