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PFM01(Small) $8.00
PFM02(Medium) $9.00
PFM03(Large) $12.00
PMT01(Clear tape) $2.95 $out of stock
PMT02(Tan tape) $2.95 $out of stock
  Available magnets sizes;             
   ㆍLarge magnets ; 0.75"(19mm) dia. × 0.08"(2.1mm), 20 of bag      
   ㆍMedium magnets ; 0.50"(13mm) dia. × 0.079"(2.0mm), 30 of bag and    
                               extra 1, 0.75"(19mm) dia. × 0.08"(2.1mm)      
   ㆍSmall magnets ; 0.35"(9mm) dia. × 0.07"(1.9mm), 40 of bag      
                               extra 1, 0.75"(19mm) dia. × 0.08"(2.1mm)      
   Popular, 3M brand tape rolls. Latex-free, hypoallergenic, strong, breathable and moisture resistant.
   Micropore is a paper tape that adheres well and leaves minimal adhesive residue upon removal.
   Also micropore is a good for intradermal needles.         
   ㆍ30ft (10 yds) long              
   ㆍ1.0 inch wide