• Electric Stimulator (KWD 808i)
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  New Improved Model...  Just Arrived!                
  Not just another Acupuncture device! With this 6-channel unit you can perform the following therapies.  
   ㆍNeedleless Acupuncture              
   ㆍPulse Magnetic Therapy              
   ㆍTens Massage with Pads              
   ㆍBuilt-in timer with music at the end of therapy          
   ㆍOperates on AC or 6 C batteries, not included           
  Included Accessories              
   ㆍ1 searching pen                 
   ㆍ6 sets of output wires, each w/3.5mm jack & 2 alligator clips         
   ㆍ4 adhesive tens pads               
   ㆍManual in English                
   ㆍAC 110v adapter included              
  There are 5 stimulation wave forms. An electometer for indication output power level and batter condition.  
  This high quality unit had been steadily refined for more than 20 years and has proven to be both effective  
  and reliable. Some of the improvements incorporates features from both home an abroad through the clinical
  practice by many medical institutions with help from Dr.Chen Hao Pan from the USA who helped to test the  
  Wave Forms                
   ㆍContinuous Wave: Pulse duration 0.5ms; Repeated pulse frequency: 1Hz-100Hz    
   ㆍDense & Disperse waves display alternatively, disperse frequency is f1, same with base wave; dense  
      frequency is about 100Hz; Pulse duration is 0.5ms; Freq. 2 regulates the frequency f2 of 10-40 cyclese
      per min.                
   ㆍIntermittent wave                
   ㆍRipple wave                
   ㆍRespiration wave                
   ㆍVery popular with practitioners all over the world!        
   1. Do not use if you have a Cariac pacemaker!