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  K.H.T. was developed by Dr. TaeWoo Yoo in Korea in 1971. He discovered that the hand is microcosmos  
  which reflects the entires body. K.H.T. was initiated with a simple correspondence between the hand and  
  body. Gradually it has incorporated the more profound aspects of Oriental medicine, particularly the Korean  
  style of Acupuncture. This style emphasizes the importance for Jang Bu(Zhang Fu, internal organs) rather than
  the symptomatic approach. Dr. Yoo has expanded the traditional theories further to establish a unique system.
  The effctiveness of K.H.T. for minor and serious diseases has been proven clinically world wide for the last  
  20 years. This volume covers the fundermentals of K.H.T. It has been written by one of the great master  
  practitionoers of all time!              
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   ㆍ684 pages                
   ㆍVolume 1