Acupuncture and moxibustion (Acupuncture) is an important course in Chinese traditional medicine. With the increment of communication between China and international, this course has been spread and applied all over the world. Especially

Acupuncture has healed many disputed and difficult clinical symptoms. These astonished effects have made ‘the crazy for Acupuncture higher and higher, so many western country have legislated to establish it remarkable status in these countrys’medical care course. For these, ‘A Chinese Marvel’ as called, the Acupuncture treasure of Chinese traditional medicine, having established in the worldwide medicine, will have an active role in improvement of human health.

The development of Acupuncture and the creation of Acupuncture instrument

Acupuncture is an ancient medical technology of the east. Its therapy method is originated from the combined use of acupuncture and moxa cone moxibustion. It used to be called Moxibustion and Acupuncture in the ancient works, for example, in . It says:” The principle of Moxibustion and Acupuncture is depended on the reach of vital-energy point.” It Listed moxibustion before Acupuncture. So, To explain the source of Acupuncture, We'd better talk about the origin of moxibustion first.

Moxa cone moxibustion is a method of moxibustion with a moxa cone burning on the selected point of the body surface. It can be traced back to the ancient time when the human first discovered the using of fire, which same methods also include topical application of heated drugs, fuming and steaming etc.These methods can be found in the books unearthed from the tomb of Mawangdui. Moxa, which is used in the method of moxibustion, is a poly-annual plant in the family of Chrysanthemum, which can be produced by anywhere in China. In the method of moxibustion, Moxa cone is used mostly, Later there are other materials be used too. As in the books unearthed from the tomb of Han Dynasty named , there is the description of burning the skin verruca using the rope made from the grass of mat, which can be seemed as a reformation to the moxibustion. Moxibustion also includes topical application of heated drugs, fuming and steaming and horning. Now the horning is called cupping. In the ancient time the animal horn was directly used for cupping. Above all, these methods are reflected the fire applied in medicine therapy.

Acupuncture therapy is applying metal needles to stimulate certain superficial parts for the treatment of disease. The metal needles began after the Bronze Age. Before it, in New Stone Age and Old Stone Age, the bone needles, bamboo needles and stone needles were applied. Using stone needles is called the origin of acupuncture. Archaeologists discovered, in the primitive society, the stone needles were used in sewing and also therapying diseases. So in the sequence of development, the stone needles are before the bamboo needles. And later so called ‘nine forms of needles’is originally from the early used forms of stone.

How Acupuncture from practice to systemic theory can be showed in < Huang Di Nei Jin >, the earliest extant medical works in China. < Huang Di Nei Jin >includes < Lin Su >and < Su Wen >,most part of which is about Acupuncture. < Lin Su > was originally called < Acupuncture Theory >,which is about medical theory works of ‘nine forms of needles’ based on medical experience. is about experience and < Su Wen > is about theory . The latter’s function makes the theory more systemic and comprehensive.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. But China had know how to use iron long long ago. The ancient ‘nine forms of needles’ began in the Bronze Age and were massively produced in the Iron Age. It is until Eastern Han ( the second century ) that the stone needles were also used and not replaced completely by metal needles. That metal needles replaced stone ones resulted from the social development. In the ancient time, besides using copper and iron people also used gold or silver to make needles. In 1968, Chinese archeologists, in Western Han Liusen’s tomb, discovered four gold needles and five silver needles which forms were like ‘nine forms of needles’, which proved that our ancestors had used gold and silver to make medical instruments five thousand years ago. Now Acupuncture needles are mostly made of stainless steel which is strong and hard but not easy to become rusty. Its quality is superior to other metals and it is widely used in present clinic.

Traditional Therapy

Traditional Therapy